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Is your business data protected?

Designed to help organizations proactively defend against the onslaught of cyber-attacks today, Keystroke Guard's patented keystroke encryption security software ensures the protection of intellectual property and confidential information, while meeting security requirements under regulations such as HIPAA and the HITECH Act.

Delivering Advanced Technology

Enhancing Security: Keystroke Guard delivers advanced patented encryption technology to effectively protect your organization’s data-at-rest and safeguards data-in-motion as it is typed, stored, accessed, and transmitted. No matter how long it takes your antivirus and spyware to detect a breach, you can have peace of mind knowing your organization’s database is secured through Keystroke Guard encryption.

Out-of-Band Authentication: Our two-factor authentication uses two channels to send login credentials and data, instead of one. See how our authentication works.

Data Loss Prevention on Your PC, Mac, and Mobile

As your business grows, sensitive data increases in value and becomes a target for the next attack. Keystroke Guard equips your organization with an industry leading cyber security solution to block the exfiltration of intellectual property and prevent data leakage.

Keystroke Guard provides comprehensive security, protecting:

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Internet Users

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Windows Applications

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Corporate Network

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Remote Access

Layered security at a price any business can afford.

Keystroke Guard Features



Keystroke Guard runs silently in the background leaving your workstation unaffected.


Real-Time Encryption Technology

Encrypts each keystroke in real-time to defend against advancing malware threats.

Simple and Lightweight

Simple & Easy-To-Use

Keystroke Guard is designed to integrate smoothly with your browser and applications, while complementing your existing security program.


CryptoColor® Technology

CryptoColor feature* provides users with a visual feedback indicating that every keystroke typed is secured.

*Not available in Chrome

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