Don’t let a breach put you out of business.

How It Works

As cyber-attacks increase in severity and sophistication, it is essential that businesses of all sizes are prepared to defend against ongoing threats.

Keystroke Guard patented keystroke encryption security software seamless integrates with your current system to enhance any security program by providing real-time encryption.

Mitigating Insider Threats
Employees are an organization's greatest asset and its greatest risk. With a simple click an employee could potentially devastate your business by unknowingly inviting malicious malware into corporate network and leaking valuable information to attackers. Keystroke Guard's real-time encryption technology secures your organization's network so no matter where they click Keystroke Guards stops hackers from accessing privileged information via remote access and unsecured email.
Minimizing Zero Day Vulnerabilities

Keystroke Guard protects your organization from zero day exploits and threats by encrypting Windows applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, etc., financial and accounting applications, IM, Chat applications, and many more.

Practicing Safe Internet

Keystroke Guard secures a user's entire Internet experience. No matter the online activity, Keystroke Guard integrates with any browser to actively protect users as they surf, email, bank, shop, etc.

By the time you realize, its too late.

Avoid Making Tomorrow's Headlines