Safe harbor through Keystroke Guard encryption.


In light of today's evolving threat landscape, encryption plays a vital role in preventing security breaches and data loss. Keystroke Guard's advanced encryption technology makes Data Loss Prevention successful by providing real-time, single-keystroke encryption to prevent the exfiltration of sensitive information and intellectual property.

Simple and Lightweight


A type of surveillance software used by hackers to exfiltrate data, a keylogger records and logs every keystroke you make then transmits the information to unauthorized parties.


Keyboard Driver Monitoring

Keystroke Guard monitors the keyboard device driver stack for untrusted drivers which could potentially be a keylogger.

Simple and Lightweight


A type of cyberattack that occurs when a malicious website tricks users into clicking on concealed elements, then routes the clicks to another page.


Anti-Screen Capture

Keystroke Guard prevents malware from making illegal screenshots of your desktop to capture information shown on the screen.



Keystroke Guard runs silently in the background leaving your workstation unaffected.


Real-Time Encryption Technology

Encrypts each keystroke in real-time to defend against advancing malware threats.

Simple and Lightweight

Simple & Easy-To-Use

Keystroke Guard is designed to integrate smoothly with your browser and applications, while complementing your existing security program.


CryptoColor® Technology

CryptoColor feature* provides users with a visual feedback indicating that every keystroke typed is secured.

*Not available in Chrome

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